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Many have wondered over the last several months if the new changes to Dolly Parton’s dinner show was going to gloss over certain aspects that made the show true to the values of the land surrounding it. Since losing the word Dixie, there have been some worries that this would change the whole feel and look of everything the show was previously. It was the decision of the company to change the shows title to Dolly Parton’s Stampede. Here is a rundown on what you can expect with the “new” Stampede.

One thing that most visitors of Dolly’s dinner show have come to love is the pre-show, featuring a blue grass band that highlights Dolly’s very own world renowned fiddle player. This aspect of the show has only changed slightly. Now the band showcases a blue grass spin of contemporary pop songs, as well as the old favorites. The snack bars can still be visited and continue to serve all your pre-show favorites. If you hurry in soon, you can snag a glass that still has the “old” logo on it before they run out.



The food? You mean the delightful, down-home, warm your soul, finger licking (literally) goodness? Oh yea, nothing has changed about that whatsoever. You can still experience the ultra creamy soup, extra cheesy biscuit, fall off bone chicken breast, the soft and juicy corn on the cob, the warm pork, and largest and most delicious “tater” wedge you’ve ever had.



The meal is topped off with an apple turn over that will have you buying your next ticket just to get another. No worries on the food front that is absolutely certain.



Ok, ok, what about the show, right? Well there are very few changes and ones that would only be noticed by those who go to this show multiple times a year. Of course the Dixie Stampede portion of the shows theme song has been removed, per the removal of it from all aspects of the franchise.


The next and only other noticeable difference would be the removal and replacement of the Southern Belle song. This segment of the show looks the same to the naked eye, but if you listen closely the song during this portion of the show is a completely new one. It is rumored that this is the part of the show that caused the changed to transpire and therefore would make sense that this is the biggest change to the show, aside from the name itself.
Overall, the show is still the same light-hearted entertainment that everyone has come to know and love. There is still a North vs. South, the always funny Skeeter is still a large part of the show, and the ever beloved tribute to this beautiful country we live in has not changed in the least bit. While it is easy to jump to defense on the change to a tradition and staple part of one of the Smokies most loved shows, there isn’t much to be concerned about. The name change won’t be accepted by all, but it seems that the show makers have taken extreme caution to make sure that the show holds true to its values and integrity. Like stated previously if you’ve only been a hand full of times or have never been before, you probably won’t be able to tell a difference at all. For those of you who have come to know this as a yearly tradition, don’t fret, it’s still the show you know and love. But don’t take my word for it. Call today and buy your tickets. Oh and while your at it, make sure to call the wonderful people at Maples Ridge to make sure you’ve got the best place to stay in the Smokies.

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