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Rental Policies

Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals

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1804 Wears Valley Rd.

Sevierville, TN 37862



All properties are privately owned and furnished by the homeowners of the cabins and may change without notice.

Please E-Sign and submit the Rental Agreement and the Credit Card receipt.  We also require a copy of your Driver's License on file, please text the copy of your drivers license to 865-850-1997.  Reservations are not guaranteed until a payment of 50% of the total amount.  Please initial the 7 places below and E-sign Rental Agreement, Credit Card Receipt and send Copy of Drivers License immediately.


Age and Sleeping Capacity

The guest booking the reservation on our 2 bedroom units and larger must be 24 years of age or older and must be staying as a guest in the unit. This Guest must also be the person whom checks-in at Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals office the day of arrival and signs all the documents, this person will be the responsible guest for the unit.  Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals reserves the right to deny renting to any person, this is at Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals Discretion. Guests understand that the unit only sleeps a certain amount of people and that you cannot exceed that amount of people due to safety for all the guests. If you are found to exceed the sleep capacity, you will be asked to leave the premises. No refund will be given.


Terms of Payment    

If you booked a reservation Less than 30 days prior to arrival date on a 1 or 2 Bedroom unit, payment of the full amount is required on the day of booking the reservation. If you booked a reservation on a 1 or 2 bedroom unit more than 30 days prior to arrival date 50% deposit is required, the day of booking the reservation and the remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to arrival. If you booked a reservation for a 3 bedroom or larger unit, less than 60 days prior to arrival date full amount is due the day of booking the reservation. If you booked a reservation on a 3 bedroom or larger unit more than 60 days prior to arrival date a 50% deposit is required, the day of booking the reservation and the remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to arrival to secure the rental properties. Advance reservation deposits are not held in an escrow account.

Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals will automatically charge the credit card on file as per agreement above.  We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.


Damage Waiver, Damage Deposit and Pet Fee 

You are responsible for any damages or missing items that occur on the property during your stay. Guest understands that a Damage Deposit is Required on all units however, on most 1 and 2 bedroom units a Non-Refundable Damage waiver is applied(a few 2 bedrooms require a damage deposit). If you want to opt-out of the Damage Waiver on 1 and 2 bedrooms(a few 2 bedrooms require a damage deposit), you may do so but a $300.00 refundable Damage deposit hold is required. (only optional the day of making the reservation, no refunds on damage waiver will be given at check-in) If you choose to leave a damage deposit hold, we will process it at check-in using a major credit card (we accept, Visa, MasterCard and Discover) The Damage Deposit Hold is Released upon checkout after the unit is inspected, if there is no damage to the unit. The name of the person who holds the reservation will be responsible for any damage to the unit and their credit card on file will be charged for all damages. The amount will be $300.00 for one and two bedrooms, $400 for three bedroom, $500.00 for four/five bedroom and $800.00 on larger cabins. An authorization for a Damage deposit will be placed on your major credit card at check in and will automatically be released from your credit card after departure provided there is no damage to the unit. This could take up to 10 days for the charge to drop off of your card once you depart from the unit. It depends on the policy of your credit card company. Not all of our units are pet friendly, the units that are pet friendly require a $95.00 non-refundable fee for each pet. Only Dogs are allowed, under 15 pounds and non-shedding. No cats allowed. If pets are found or detected in our non-pet friendly units you will be asked to leave and you will not receive a refund and you will forfeit your damage deposit. If you bring a pet and do not pay the $75.00 pet fee without Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals being aware of your pet, you will be asked to leave without refund and you will forfeit your damage deposit.   If extra cleaning is required after you leave, it will cost a minimum of $100, depending on the nature of the extra cleaning.  All of our units are NON-SMOKING. If smoke odor is detected you will be charged an additional $200.00 fee. There are no refunds on early departure. We reserve the right to change the reserved unit in the event of an emergency. No House Parties Allowed. No weddings, receptions, parties or other large gatherings allowed without written consent from Jack or Lori Maples.


Cancellation Policy and Early Departure

We require a 60-day cancellation notice.  Our fees for cancellation are as follows:  If you cancel 60 days or more prior to your date of arrival, a $95.00 plus tax cancellation fee will incur.  The $95.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from your initial reservation deposit.  If you cancel less than 60 days before your date of arrival, your total amount of reservation will be forfeited UNLESS the exact reservation can be duplicated to another interested party and you will be charged the remaining balance to your credit card on file.  If the reservation is duplicated to another party, you will get a refund of the full amount, but will be charged a $95.00 plus tax cancellation fee. There are no refunds for early Departure.   

No Show Policy

If you are a "no show" and do not call, we will not refund any of your deposit and you will be charged the remaining balance to your card on file. You must understand this unit was held off the market just for you.


Check in & Check out

Check in time is after 4pm EST. Check out time is by 10am EST. If you will be arriving after 7pm EST. Please call our office at 865-908-8970 prior to 7pm EST for a late check-in on 1 & 2 bedroom cabins. No late arrivals on 3, 4 & 5 bedrooms. A photo copy of your ID is required upon check in. Upon Arrival all guests must check in at Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals; 1804 Wears Valley Rd. Sevierville, TN 37862. Due to the House keepers schedules and making sure the unit is cleaned in a timely manner for the next guests arriving, there are No Late Check-Out available. check out is 10am EST.

Weather Conditions, Refunds & After Hours Assistance and Emergencies

We will do everything we can to make sure your cabin is ready for you. When you arrive at the cabin, please report any damages to the office.  Any damages or problems not reported by the tenant upon arrival will be charged to the tenant. Unfortunately, appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, hot tubs, saunas, Jacuzzis, TV’s, Stereos, DVD players, etc… occasionally malfunction. We cannot guarantee them to perform 100% of the time. We do however guarantee to do our best to correct the maintenance issue as soon as possible during normal business hours. Please remember to call our office in the morning (we open at 9am) to resolve the issue as quickly as we can, our office hours are Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm EST.  865-908-8970. No refunds will be given for power outages, weather conditions, road conditions, or malfunctioning of equipment. Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals reserves the right to enter the property during your stay. The units have regularly scheduled routine maintenance That must be completed monthly to stay up to code and for the safety of all guests. For this reason you give Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals permission to enter the cabin during your stay if maintenance is needed.

If there is an incident at any time involving a life threatening Emergency please call 911

If there is an emergency regarding the unit after hours Monday-Sunday 7pm-9am EST. (Ex: broken water pipes, non-working furnace in cold weather, etc..) Please call our maintenance personnel at #865-850-1997

Malfunctioning equipment, including hot tubs, blown out light bulbs, insects, broken appliances, information on local restaurants and attractions etc… is NOT an Emergency, these things will be taken care of during normal business hours. Please call our office at #865-908-8970 and leave a message in our guest voice mailbox and we will return your call the following business day and do our best to resolve the issue.

Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals is not responsible for weather/road conditions. The roads in the mountains can be very curvy and steep, four-wheel drive and chains may be required during winter months. A wrecker service will not be provided by Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals. However, every effort will be made to help resolve any problems you may encounter during your stay. There will be no refunds due to the roads or weather conditions.

Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during your stay. If you happen to leave items behind UPS will ship the items to you, they will call you to let you know of the shipping cost.


Housekeeping and Amenities

Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals includes a limited supply of linens and towels at the unit. All units are fully equipped with a STARTER SUPPLY of bath soap, dish washing detergent, toilet paper, trash bags and paper towels. If you feel you may need additional supplies, we recommend that you bring your own supply. If the cabin does not have a washer or dryer you may exchange towels at our office, provided that you call us the previous day so that we make sure there is sufficient stock. Towels will not be delivered to your unit.Propane is not provided for the gas grills.Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals does not guarantee Cell Phone Service at any of the units.Please do not move furniture, including pool tables, Foosball tables and gaming equipment. This may result in damage to the furniture, rips in carpet or scratches on floors. If you do move any of these items, you will be charged a minimum $50.00 fee when we move it back to its original location.If your fireplace is gas burning do not put anything in it. Only put wood in wood-burning fireplaces. Fireplaces are not to be used May-September. We do not supply wood for fireplaces. If the Weather drops down to below 25 degrees during the winter months, please leave the faucets dripping to ensure that the pipes will not freeze.Turning the air conditioning below 60 degrees in the summer could result in the unit freezing. This will cause you to be without air for hours. Please refrain from doing this.

Hot Tubs

A minimum of a $500.00 will be charged if bubbles, bath oils or any other foreign substance is used in the Hot Tubs or Swim Spas.Please remember there are certain health risks that are associated with using a Hot Tub. Our housekeepers drain, sanitize, refill and replenish chemicals in all Hot tubs prior to your arrival; therefore, it may not be warm until later that evening. Hot Tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. DO NOT STAND ON THE HOT TUB COVERS, they will break and you will be charged a minimum of $500.00 for replacement. Remember when not using the Hot Tub, leave the cover on so the Hot Tub will stay warm and debris will stay out. When lifting the hot tub cover, please use the hot tub bar that is across the cover to lift it. Please shower before and after using the Hot Tub as some body lotions/etc. mixed with the Hot Tub chemicals can cause a rash on your skin. Service call for debris in Hot Tub is $45. We are not responsible for any personal items, jewelry or clothing damage if worn in the Hot Tub.


Upon Departure

Check out time is at 10am EST. Due to House keepers schedules and making sure cabins are cleaned in a timely manner for next guests arriving, There are no Late Check-Outs available.
Place ONLY Dirty towels in the bathtubs.
Wash, Dry and put away all dishes or place dishes in the dishwasher and START it (dishwasher liquid is provided)
Put all trash in garbage bags and place in outdoor trash receptacles provided.
Thermostat: Place the heat temperature to 65 degrees or the air-conditioning to 75 degrees

Secure the cabin, lock all doors and windows, Turn all lights off, if you have cabin keys or gate remote, please return to Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals office at 1804 Wears Valley Rd, Sevierville, TN 37862. If you depart before 9am please leave keys and remotes at Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals office in the key drop box located on front porch.
I understand that I am responsible for the condition in which the property that I have rented from Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals is left after check out. I agree that the cabin will be left in the same condition found upon check-in except normal wear and tear. If it is not left in the same condition, I will be responsible for any damage to the property or the properties contents, and any legal fees paid for such collection by the owners. I will not hold the owners of Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals responsible for any injuries or damages caused by accident on the property of any kind. I also will not hold the owner of the unit or Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals liable for any personal property lost or damaged. I also understand that if excessive cleaning is required after my departure, I will be charged a minimum of $100.00. I acknowledge that there is no smoking allowed in units and only pets are allowed in pet friendly units with a pet fee for each pet and consent from Maples Ridge Vacation Rentals.
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